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Meet the Artists

We are so fortunate to spend our time discovering talented creatives. Below is a peek at the artists we collaborated with to produce our collection of silk scarves. Please send us a note if you wish to connect with them so we can make the magic happen!

Lexi Sundell

Catch this sporty lady casting on the Madison or capturing nature's most brilliant color combinations on canvas.  Lexi is the lady behind the "Madison River Rainbow" silkie. We are beyond jazzed to call her a member of our team!

Brandon  Godwin

This sporty fella watches the sunrise from the field or stream, composes blue-prints for his Architecture firm by day, and renders cheerful woodland compositions in his studio by night.  This is the guy behind the iconic Quail & Magnolia - deemed an "Orvis Icon". We are proud to call Brandon the first member of our team!

Thuy - Hanh Tran 


"Tree Han" is the totally delightful and exceptionally talented young illustrator behind "two hoods & a wood" designed for the Orvis

Fall / Winter 2016 line.  Having developed an impressive portfolio while enrolled at SCAD, this young illustrator has an incredible bright future!

Jessica O'Neill


Jessica is the artist behind the Pensive in Pink silkie. We fell head over heels for this piece which originated from Jessica's Fresh Faces collection and chose to print the piece in its original form. Keep an eye out for a growing collection coming from this gal.

Katy Rosenthal

Katy is a freelance designer who likes to sum up her services as "print design and illustration for any surface."  Her designs are heavily inspired by the rich fields of art and design history, which she continuously researches for inspiration.  She studied textile and apparel design at University of Wisconsin, Madison and textile and surface design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City before continuing on to work in the home furnishings industry.  After a stint as an artist at Stark Carpet where she got to work with some of the most notable interior designers in New York, she left to pursue her freelance career.  With a background in fashion and textiles, she is always thrilled to get to apply her original artwork to wearable pieces, so working with Rinnovo Studio has been a perfect fit!  

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