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Grace Moyd, founder of WritefullyHis, has teamed up with Mallory Jones, founder of Rinnovo Studio, to create a beautiful traditional mud-cloth inspired scarf that is made of 100% Viscose, a super soft, lightweight, natural material. This sustainably sourced eco-fiber can be enjoyed year-round as a scarf or sarong and pairs beautifully with all occasions.


The traditional mud-cloth design was inspired by the give back piece of WritefullyHis' mission. Traditionally, mud-cloth is made by weaving the narrow strips of plain fabric to piece together a large rectangular cloth. The cloth is dyed in baths of leaves and branches from trees. The patterns are then painstakingly painted with a special mud, which had been collected from water sources of the community during previous seasons and left to ferment. As the cloth dries, the dark black mud turns gray and the cloth is washed to remove excess mud. This process is repeated numerous times and with each application, the mud-painted area of the cloth becomes darker. The cloth is left to dry in the sun for an entire week and what is left is the beautiful patterns showing through. With every purchase a percentage of proceeds goes back to purchasing supplies for students in East Africa through WritefullyHis' philanthropic partner Thrive Global Project. 

The sustainability of this piece and the way it supports students is the perfect combination of ethical fashion that continues to make differences in the lives of others. Rinnovo Studio has been sourcing beautiful silk fabrics since its inception and this eco-fiber is their first push into the world of sustainable fashion. The two companies plan to push out other products that include pieces for the home.

Grace and Mallory were drawn to the mud-cloth design for this piece because of the traditional detailed process that has been perfected by African woman for centuries. We hope you gift this to the special women in your lives that bring such value and worth to their home and community. We loved having Kathryn McLeod as the artist of this work. 


This product is a pre-order and will have guaranteed delivery by Christmas! All shipments will be shipped on December 17th in ready to gift muslin bags tied up with crushed velvet ribbon. 


The Details: 

56 x 56 Inches

Viscose - Thrive Global Project - Mud Cloth

  • Product Care

    Dry clean or hand-wash with a tiny drop of woolite. Lay flat on fluffy towel to dry or tumble dry on no heat. Iron on low heat. *If your scarf has fringe, please dry clean!

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