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Scarf Hanging System

How to install

Scarf Wall Hanging System

This DIY scarf hanging system will keep your scarves wrinkle-free while showcasing your silkie as head-turning wall art. Wall it when you are not wearing it...

The Images below will walk you through the install. Easy peasey lemon squeezey. 


Use your tape measure to map out where you would like the scarf to hang.

*I like to use a leveler when hanging scarves as wall art

Grab your Hammer

It's Hammer Time

Grab your Nail

Nail It.

Hammer nail into wall

After you have mapped out nail placement, Hammer the nail into the top two corners to create nail holes.

Next step, you will push the nail with magnet disc mount into each nail hole.

Nail with Magnetic Disc Mount

Grab the Nail with Magnetic Disc Mount.

Push Nail with Magnetic Disc Mount into Nail Holes

Push Nail with Magnetic Disc Mount into Nail Holes and prepare to hang your silkie!

Mount Scarf Corners between Magnets

Place top corners of scarf between the magnets.  


Let the scarf hang flat


Roll the scarf to sneakily expose your T.V.


Magnet multiple scarves for wrinkle-free storage!

Roll it...

Roll it up when you are ready to Hulu...

Wall it!

Wall it when you're not wearing it!  Remember, you may layer multiple scarves for wrinkle-free storage. 

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