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Sourcing 101 - How to find your Private Label Manufacturer

Sourcing 101 - How to find your Private Label Manufacturer

Regarding finding the perfect Private Label Manufacturer, one of the most common questions I receive from my DIY clients is, "Where do I search"?

It's a great Q and the answer is loaded, but I've included a few pointers below to get your wheels turning! For a step-by-step guide to sourcing a private label manufacturer you are welcome to check out the resources from my Online Course and/or book some time to chat!

Preparing for your Research

To prepare for thorough research yielding truly meaningful results, you need to gather your thoughts by answering the following questions first:

  1. How would you describe your product?

  2. Who else sells this product and at what price point? Build your Retail Landscape. Resource HERE

  3. What are the features/benefits of your product?

  4. Geographic Location:

    1. Do you have a preferred production location?

    2. What city, state, country, continent is best known for making your product?


The purpose of the info above is to:

  • Guide your keyword searches

  • Inform your pricing model

  • Create a foundation for your one page product overview that will frame your manufacturer interviews


I so wish it were all peaches & rainbows, but there are a few caveats to be aware of:

  • Unfortunately, many manufacturers might present themselves as being "Made in Italy" (for example) when in fact, they do not abide by the same working conditions, reporting, and rigorous regulatory environment that the longterm artisans do. I highly recommend visiting your manufacturer in-person early and often.

  • The largest manufacturing conglomerates pay for key word searches, so dig deep into the websites you find to ensure they are truly based in your target location.


I hope you took away a few golden nuggets above! Remember, sourcing a quality and trustworthy manufacturer takes a tremendous amount of time. If you get stuck or overwhelmed, I'm always happy to grab some time with you and get you over the temporary roadblock -- it often takes a seasoned veteran just a few minutes of abstract thinking!

Happy noodling!



Just a few quick TIPS & TRICKS

TIP: USA and Europe are known for high quality, high priced product. If your VP (value proposition) is quality driven, keep your search to known high-quality manufacturing locations.

TIP: Read product descriptions of similar products online for clues.

TIP: Do your research. Search Search Search for the history of your product. Learn where it was originally created + geographic hot spots known for its production. This requires major cyber sloothing! I just did this for glassware and it was fascinating.


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