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Today, we will recommend 5 categories for high margin, low quantity products Made in the USA: Stationery, Porcelain (Dog Bowls/Mugs/Cups/Plates – this is also a sustainability play), BPA free bottles (Water/Protein Shakers/Insulated Thermos’s), Dog Treats, and Cosmetics/Skincare/Supplements. Want direct introductions or contacts lists? Be sure to check out our digital product catalog to choose the best option for you. * Manufacturer offers Drop Shipping · *Porcelain – Mugs, plates, dog bowls, trinket trays, cups, etc · *Stationery – printed cards, notepads, journals, etc · *BPA free Bottles · Dog treats · *Cosmetics/Skincare/Supplements Profit Margin Questions? Let’s use the dog bowl as an example. Your base cost will be $6/pc for a MOQ of 48pc. Add a few dollars for custom printing of a unique image or funny quip + drop shipping. Even if you sell for under $20, you can still expect about a 2-2.5x margin. Remember -- You can access your Membership Community to share resources, seek counsel, and grow capacity HERE!

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Made in America -- It's more than just supporting our local friends & family, neighbors & colleagues ... Shifting to produce products in the USA has the following strategic benefits for your business:

*Remember, just let us know if you would like a list of USA based product manufacturers!

Increased Control

Choosing to manufacture in the USA will offer you and your team greater control over elements such as materials and production + shipping timing.


You can bet that when you choose "American Made" that the delivery timing will improve significantly. Think about it ... the amount of ground to cover between your factory and your warehouse is significantly less than if you were producing cross continental. Accessibility is another huge advantage. Should there be a hiccup in production timing, you or someone you know could access the factory and the pick up the goods yourself if you absolutely had to. Can't do this in Shanghai.


Europe and the USA are known for quality. These production locations are not competing based on who can offer the best price -- they are competing for who can offer the best quality. If your brand is quality-driven, you should be narrowing your scope to these spheres. In addition, the governing bodies have strict material and ingredient requirements to protect the consumer. This is not the case in all countries...

Minimum Order Quantities

As mentioned above, USA based manufacturers are not competing based on production cost so they will charge a higher production fee. The beneficial tradeoff is that you can expect significantly more favorable minimum order quantities.

Less friction overall

Considering each of the above: Increased Control, Favorable logistics, Improved Quality, and lower Minimum Order Quantities are a few among many benefits of producing your products in the USA. The final benefit is less friction overall, meaning the process is just simpler and cleaner. No barrier to entry, no language barrier, and no customs/duties obligations.

Supporting the American Dream

Finally, as I come from multiple family lines of generational family business, I like to remember that producing product in the USA is quite literally supporting the American Dream. Encouraging Entrepreneurship, providing others with Autonomy, and growing networks to support future partnerships.

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Hello team!

Here is a quick under 30 minute overview of custom packaging. #CustomPackaging #PrivateLabelPackaging #HomeGoodsMadeInTheUSA

We cover specifics ranging from MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) to Production Locations (USA, Europe and India) to Pricing. Whatttt? Yes, even pricing!!!

Why? Well, content like this just did not exist 10 years ago when I started my own product journey and it's exactly what inspired the Rinnovo Studio mission which is to drive transparency into the manufacturing networks. And packaging is a huge part of the user experience when you launch a product.

This is an example of the content you can expect as part of our Direct Connect program, which is perfect for those looking to develop a new product or line and need to "cut through the clutter" and go directly to the manufacturer. I promise you, this approach will save literal years. #ManufacturerDirectConnect #ContractManufacturing #MadeInTheUSA


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