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5 Categories for High Margin, Low MOQ Products -- Made in the USA

Today, we will recommend 5 categories for high margin, low quantity products Made in the USA: Stationery, Porcelain (Dog Bowls/Mugs/Cups/Plates – this is also a sustainability play), BPA free bottles (Water/Protein Shakers/Insulated Thermos’s), Dog Treats, and Cosmetics/Skincare/Supplements. Want direct introductions or contacts lists? Be sure to check out our digital product catalog to choose the best option for you. * Manufacturer offers Drop Shipping · *Porcelain – Mugs, plates, dog bowls, trinket trays, cups, etc · *Stationery – printed cards, notepads, journals, etc · *BPA free Bottles · Dog treats · *Cosmetics/Skincare/Supplements Profit Margin Questions? Let’s use the dog bowl as an example. Your base cost will be $6/pc for a MOQ of 48pc. Add a few dollars for custom printing of a unique image or funny quip + drop shipping. Even if you sell for under $20, you can still expect about a 2-2.5x margin. Remember -- You can access your Membership Community to share resources, seek counsel, and grow capacity HERE!

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