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Packaging 101 - Made in the USA, Europe and India

Hello team!

Here is a quick under 30 minute overview of custom packaging. #CustomPackaging #PrivateLabelPackaging #HomeGoodsMadeInTheUSA

We cover specifics ranging from MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) to Production Locations (USA, Europe and India) to Pricing. Whatttt? Yes, even pricing!!!

Why? Well, content like this just did not exist 10 years ago when I started my own product journey and it's exactly what inspired the Rinnovo Studio mission which is to drive transparency into the manufacturing networks. And packaging is a huge part of the user experience when you launch a product.

This is an example of the content you can expect as part of our Direct Connect program, which is perfect for those looking to develop a new product or line and need to "cut through the clutter" and go directly to the manufacturer. I promise you, this approach will save literal years. #ManufacturerDirectConnect #ContractManufacturing #MadeInTheUSA


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