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Transparency & Uniqueness is driving the Private Label industry

What is fueling the explosive growth of the private label and product development industry? The consumer economies desire for transparency and appreciation of uniqueness.

Today's consumer's have had access to the internet for almost 30 years. A quick google search or even reverse image search can aggregate a slew of options and reveal a myriad of once preciously guarded secrets. Like what? Manufacturing networks and product ingredients are what come to mind for my industry.

I started my product development journey ten years ago with home furnishings, moved into menswear and settled into scarves. What really inspired me as valuable was the playbook for Private Label Product Development that I had built in my head over the years --- the gaps so many brands spends years trying to fill via failed attempts and occasional shared knowledge.

Brands spend literal years sourcing manufacturing partners and literal years validating their dependability and trustworthiness. So I set out to develop a solution that would help "cut through the clutter" by introducing folks directly to dependable product manufacturing teams in the USA and across the globe.


Because these brands now have a direct relationship with their manufacturing teams, they are able to be fully transparent with their audience on topics such as design process, development process, working relationships, ingredients used, etc. They are able to share the full story of their product coming to life. The consumer has proven a real vested interest in the product development story - who made this item, what is their story, how is my purchase directly impacting and bettering their life?


In keeping with the value of the story... when you choose to manufacture your own product rather than buy at wholesale for resale, you get to share the features and benefits that you and your team chose to elevate in this product -- what sets this product apart from others and how these unique features solve an important problem.

I hope this gives you a little window into how Transparency & Uniqueness are key drivers in the explosive growth of the private label product development world.

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